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About Imperial Baths llc.

Imperial Baths is a family owned business. We are a new upcoming company which simply means we need to work harder do better quality and have better customer care than our competition. These are hour goals we know how important your project is so thats why we offer the best at a cheaper rate. I've worked for a lot of the bigger companies and thats when i realized people were paying too much for these projects. So i made up my mind I quit my job and decided to start my own Bath remodeling company because I new I could give the people what they want for 2/3 of the cost.

Our Process

We sit down go over the project you will go over options and choose a design. Then we will go over the contract you will need to sign then put down a 20% deposit. Next we will wait for product to be shipped (4-6 weeks) once product arrives we inspect the product and make sure all parts are received. After everything checks out we will call you to schedule the install after job is 100% complete you will sign off and pay the remainder of the ballence.

Preconstruction Design

Look through the product and come up with different ideas and choose the design you love

Design & Construction Estimate

After you choose a design go over the estimate 

On-Site Consultations

All ways make sure you ask questions when you have any concerns about the project we would be happy to answer any questions                                                                          

The Finishing

We go over the job once done with the customer to ensure 100% satisfactory

Our Quality Guarantee

Imperial Baths stands by all our product and craftsmanship. We would never leave a job unfinished nor would we leave a customer not satisfied. Our craftmanship is warranty  for 1 year the product warranty could very depending on the suplier. 

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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